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Accelerated Onboarding Solves Pump Part Failures

Up against a delivery deadline Weir Minerals found a solution in SF&E's accelerated onboarding process while remaining true to high quality standards. Read the full case study here.

Inside the Lab where Bill Gates' TerraPower is Inventing the Future of Nuclear Energy.

TerraPower, a company backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, is studying new technologies that address the safety of nuclear power plants, costs and waste disposal. Check out their advanced lab.

Skill Set

Quality 4.0 Takes more than Technology 

QA leaders must work on their ability to create a strategic roadmap that addresses technology, culture, and people skills. A recent study of over 221 companies in the U.S. and Germany shows how to give rise to the factory of the future.


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  • WEFTEC - Water Quality Event - September 23-25, IL: Details 
  • WESTEC - Manufacturing Technology Series - September 24-26, CA: Details 
  • Materials in Nuclear Energy Systems (MiNES) - October 6-10, MD: Details

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