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The Anatomy of a Pour:  SF&E Takes on High-Chrome Iron Casting

SF&E recently took on a new challenge to start pouring high-chrome white iron castings for a customer. With trial and error, expert analysis, investment in the proper tools, a dedicated team, and a spirit of determination, we cracked the code to start pouring iron along with other specialty alloys.

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3-D Printing & Additive Manufacturing at the Forefront

The 3-D printing / additive manufacturing industry has come to the forefront of many efforts over the last few months. This agile manufacturing technology suite offers benefits such as a lack of tooling that allow for a quick pivot of production lines. Aside from pandemic-driven applications, additive manufacturing has been coming into play as a solution to disrupted supply chains.

5 Signs You’re Building a Culture of Safety - for a Pandemic and Beyond

Safety is all about people, and building a culture of safety is about instilling behaviors that become the norm. It is not something accomplished in a short time frame – typically, it takes five to 10 years and requires executive sponsorship as well as buy-in from the rank and file. But positive short-term actions and changes in safety processes and systems can, over time, contribute to building this culture.


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