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Non-destructive Testing Usages in the Foundry

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is primarily used to evaluate and safeguard the integrity of castings. Many different techniques can be administered, from using a method as basic as visual testing to a method as complicated as ultrasonic testing – all escalate the level of precision. Learn more about SF&E vast NDT capabilities.

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There’s A Better Way To Connect Workers In Manufacturing

A recent Harvard Business Review survey found overwhelming support for connected work. 78% of respondents strongly agreed that, “To be successful in the future, our organization must connect and empower its first line workers with technology and information.” Getting this right requires understanding the unique contributions humans make to operations and how technology can help them go further. In other words, it’s not enough to just connect workers.

Where Will Manufacturing Get Highly Skilled Workers for the Digital Revolution?

There are articles every day in the trade magazines describing the new digital programs that will revolutionize manufacturing. They are all about bringing digital technology to the shop floor to increase productivity. The articles also say that adopting these advanced technologies will require high-skilled workers who can use the new technologies in their work on the shop floor. The big question is, where will these highly skilled workers come from and where are the advanced training programs that will teach them the new skills during a skills gap?


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