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Restructured, Revitalized, Re-Invigorated. The Latest News and Updates from SF&E.

Stainless Foundry & Engineering’s President & CEO, Jim Stachowiak, sat down with Manufacturing in Focus Magazine to share the company’s latest news and updates about restructuring, the COVID-19 affects on the foundry, the future of manufacturing, and more.

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Green Manufacturing: The Business Benefits Of Sustainability

The traditional view of "lean manufacturing" is a way to be more efficient, strip waste from operations, and improve the company financials. This type of manufacturing has been optimized by AI integration and Internet of Things capabilities. This article reveals the benefits for a business looking to go the sustainable route with their manufacturing.

What Makes a High-Performance Organization?

A high-performance organization gets better results than its peers over time. These results show up in higher revenues and profits, highly satisfied customers, owners wanting to invest, employees who want to remain on the team, higher employee engagement and morale, and a culture that hinges upon mutual respect, accountability, and an expectation of winning. This article looks at the metrics behind standout middle-market manufacturers.


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