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SF&E Photo Story: Bronze Alloys

Mostly known for our stainless steel capabilities, as our name, Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) would suggest, SF&E also works with a wide variety of materials, such as brass, bronze, copper-nickel, and more. Check out our photo story featuring our Bronze alloy capabilities!

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IndustryWeek launched a steel series, starting with this overview effort where they lay out the steel landscape, outlining some of the major influences shaping the industry. Future articles will focus more specifically on technology, leadership and the steel supply chain, as well as some prognosticating from thought leaders in the industry. Check it out!

Early adopters used additive manufacturing technology to speed prototyping and help in reverse engineering parts. This technique has become a staple in many custom metal, and plastic fabrication businesses as designers gain more experience with the additive manufacturing process. Learn more about the growing demand for additive manufacturing and how this capability should be something for OEMs to consider when researching manufacturing partners.


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